Dr. Sauter is the only publicly appointed and sworn expert of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) for the assessment of musical issues (appointed by the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria).

Dr. Sauter supports you on all conceptual and licence issues. Well-known composers, the phono industry, marketing companies along with their advertising agencies and ordinary jurisdiction for copyright and inheritance rights appreciate his knowledge and advice.

Among others, an expert's field of activity comprises:

  • preliminary search for sound-alikes
  • research and identification of right holders of musical works
  • assessment of the market customariness of litigious instances in the music business
  • expert opinion on plagiarism allegations
  • examination of the protectability of jinglescounselling in the cases of audits in the licensing business between enterprises
  • evaluation of publishers' catalogs for sale or in succession
  • advice on audits in the licensing business between companies

zoodiak Musikverlag GmbH and MONICON Media Monitor Control GmbH belong to the group around Dr. Sauter.

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Photo: Anika Taiber, Augsburg